About Us

FINDHELP4SENIORS was created in 2008 to serve one of the fastest growing demographics in Canada. Baby boomers are beginning to reach the magic age of 65. According to Statistics Canada, between 2006 and 2026, the number of seniors is projected to increase from 4.3 million to 8.0 million and with that their share of the population will increase from 13.2% to 21.2%. In addition the number of Canadians aged 85 and over will increase from approximately 500,000 in 2006 to about 900,000 in 2026.

Seniors are not homogeneous. There are vast differences in a group that range in age from 65 to over 100 years of age. The one thing that they have in common is that they are seniors and their requirements are different from younger members of the population. Recognizing seniors as an important market, many agencies and business have created services and products that are specifically designed to be senior-friendly. Did you know that there are real estate agents with senior citizen certifications that allow them to deal with senior citizens’ properties, fitness professionals who are specially trained to keep seniors active, yoga classes for seniors, travel groups for seniors, and the list goes on?

FINDHELP4SENIORS.com was created so that seniors across Canada can tap into the best senior-friendly resources in their own backyards. The directory is comprehensive and growing exponentially by the day. It is backed up by the users themselves who write their own reviews. In this global village of ours, FINDHELP4SENIORS.com contains all the information that seniors need at their fingertips in the time that it takes to click a mouse. Visit our community of services, agencies, businesses, and resources for seniors across Canada. We are constantly growing, so please check back often. Together we can make a difference to Canadians seniors everywhere.

Operating Philosophy


  • Our people are motivated, supportive, responsible and progressive.
  • We build our future through service, people, and the support we earn from our clients.
  • Is a result-driven, innovative company dedicated to quality in people, products and service. Leaving the world a better place than we found it.
  • Promotes an environment where open communication, mutual trust and respect for our customers and each other are driving forces for the pursuit of success.

We make things right, make things happen and keep things simple.


Code of Conduct

 Products and services that are beneficial to our customers and not harmful to the environment.

  • The reduction of waste.
  • The conservation of energy.
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.
  • Having a diverse and open hiring policy.