11 Things You Don’t Need Now. So Purge Them

Before your pile of ‘stuff’ reaches Everest proportions, let’s take a realistic look at those items. When it comes down to it, you just don’t need them.
1. Hardcopy files and manuals

Don’t go throwing all your important documents away just yet, but you can seriously reduce the amount you have. Bills, receipts and product manuals are making a quick move towards digital these days and that means less paper for you to store.

These are common documents/items you can get digitally instead of through hardcopy:

Phone bills
Hydro/Electrical bills
Cable bills
Internet bills
Product manuals – technology and software
Credit card bills
And many more non-traditional items too. Switch your hardcopies to digital versions and you can toss the unnecessary paper.

2. Cheap travel souvenirs

While some travel souvenirs can be literally and emotionally priceless, some of them are just shot glasses and bottle openers.

Go through those items collected from your travels and really weigh what they mean to you. Can you live without it? Toss it.

3. Paper scraps

Having children tends to build up a lot of scrap paper over the years; construction paper, Christmas wrapping paper, drawing paper – the list goes on.

The last scraps of a paper pad or a roll of wrapping paper rarely get used. Instead of letting them accumulate, recycle them now and clear space for newer items.

4. Old receipts

Kudos to the responsible adults who keep track of receipts but anything older than a year is usually unnecessary. Keep important receipts for tax or warranty purposes but the rest? Don’t drag yourself down with more loose items – those things are garbage.

5. Un-paired items

Can’t find that missing sock, earring or glove? Accept their fate as officially lost. No point in hanging onto items that are no longer useable.

6. Dated items

Like receipts, you don’t need to hold onto dated items either. Décor and books that just don’t meet current standards can be donated or recycled. Old magazines are notorious for piling up where they don’t need to be. Unless you regularly go back and read year-old magazines, it’s time to let them go.

7. Clothing

We all want to hold on to our old wardrobe for nostalgia or in the hopes that our high school pants will fit again one day. We’re not teenagers anymore and it’s only holding you back. Donate your old clothes to people who need them; clear space for a new wardrobe.

8. Unused items

It should go without saying that items you haven’t used or looked at in over a year have got to go. Take stock of household items that have gone unused for a year and put them straight in the ‘donate’ or ‘recycle’ bins.

9. Toys/Nursery furniture

Parents know that toys can pile up fast and they get discarded by kids even faster. Don’t go down the route of storing toys and change tables for your children to pass on some day. Yes, a few sentimental ones can stay but there’s no need to keep all of them.

Gifting old cribs, tables, rocking chairs etc. to new mothers, fathers or grandparents can benefit another family.

10. Old technology

A lot of people are guilty of holding on to old iPods, cell phones, laptops etc. for a couple of reasons. One reason is the worry that they’ll be needed again at some point and the other is that most people don’t know what to do with old electronics.

Some can be recycled, while others can be dropped off at designated areas in your community. Try your local waste management site or businesses that sell those items, like Staples or Best Buy.

11. Knick-knacks

How do you decide which knick-knacks to get rid of? Pick any bowl, small garbage pail or Tupperware (the size is your choice) and promise yourself to fill it with knick-knacks to be donated. Setting a strict goal will encourage you to purge honestly.

There are several other household objects and possessions that have the potential to clear out, but this is a great place to start. Get in touch with us for more ideas on how to make some space in your home.

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